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DJ Williams and Associates, Inc. takes a comprehensive approach to help our clients determine realistic projections and reach desired outcomes.

Each client begins with a basic, four-point foundation designed to clarity their goals, potential outcomes, direction, time lines and implementation:

1. Develop and Evaluation Plan

2. Identify Potential Opportunities, Partnerships and Resources

3. Outline Primary and Contingency Plans for Sustainability and Growth

4. Create Marketing and Promotion Strategies

Donjuan L. Williams is a life long resident of Glenarden, Maryland.    He was recognized in 1994 by the Washington Post as "The New Political Guard." Mayor Williams, who served 3 terms on the Glenarden City Council, was re-elected mayor of the City of Glenarden for a third and last term (due to term-limits) in May of 1999. He served as the Director of Community Outreach/Government Relations for the Governor's Office of Children, Youth and Families, and he previously served as the District Manager for Constituent Services for Congressman Albert Wynn, and as a Social Worker for the Department of Social Services.

Mission Statement

DJ Williams and Associates, Inc. is an business development, government and public relations consulting firm dedicated to advancing progressive social, economic and civic change for nonprofit organizations, faith-based associations, small to mid-size businesses.