Based in the Washington metropolitan area, DJ Williams and Associates, Inc. is a for-profit company with a dynamic team of experienced knowledgeable professionals, all with solid nonprofit, political and financial relationships throughout the country. The DJ Williams and Associates, Inc. team offers years of hands-on proficiency in public policy and advocacy, community economic development, strategic planning, organizational development and management, image development, media and public relations, event management and training. Our goal is to advance and strengthen the overall public, political and economic status, substance and sphere of influence of our clients.

​DJ Williams and Associates, Inc. knows that business is only as good as what you can produce today and sell tomorrow. Since capitalism is the economic driving force of the nation, business must remain 'good' if America wants to continue to thrive in a global economy. Nonprofits and small businesses are consistently challenged by the drive for wealth accumulation and sustainability as they continue to be critical to job growth and economic stability in America. Of the approximately 6.6 million employers in the U.S., more than 5.5 million are small businesses, and/or non-profits that employ fewer than 100 employees. Of those business/nonprofit entities with fewer than 100 employees, only 37 percent of those employees are full-time workers.

​The U.S. Census Bureau's survey in the 1995 report on US Firms Establishments, Employment, Annual Payroll, and Estimated Receipts in Industrial Division and Enterprise Employment states that the number of minority-owned small businesses grew at a 62 percent rate, while the total number of firms grew 26 percent from 1987 to 1992. Hence, with all of demands and limitations encountered to sustain day-to-day operations, nonprofits and small businesses continue to play a significant role in impacting the economic stabilization of our country.

​Nevertheless, small businesses and nonprofits in distressed urban and rural areas face numerous challenges in the competing mainstream business arena. Often, they are confronted with an outsider's lack of up-to-date, market information about the local business community and its resources; unfamiliarity with business and political protocols, relationship development and corporate culture; preconceived stereotypes of businesses, workers and/or consumers in disadvantaged areas and the limitations of potential isolation from mainstream business networks, federal contacts and funding streams. As the social, economic and political environment facing nonprofit and businesses changes, DJ Williams and Associates, Inc. takes a comprehensive approach to help our clients determine realistic projections and reach desired outcomes. Each client begins with a basic, four-point foundation designed to clarify their goals, potential outcomes, direction, timelines and implementation.

​As the social, economic and political environment facing nonprofits and businesses perpetually changes, DJ Williams and Associates, Inc. takes a comprehensive approach in helping our clients determine realistic projections and reach their desired outcomes. It is essential that our clients are well positioned nationally and globally to maximize their efficiency and effectively compete in thecurrent economic markets, while preparing for the next new wave of economic trends. At DJ Williams and Associates, Inc., we strive to provide the highest quality of service available through training, research, data analysis, organizational assessment, image development, marketing, promotion and when needed, advocacy. To ensure that we provide relevant, cutting-edge assistance to our clients, DJ Williams and Associates, Inc. will, when necessary secure external, technical expertise from our pool of local, nationally and international resources. We will do whatever it takes to help our clients achieve their maximum potential.